Dear Colleagues,On behalf of the Organizing Committee and International Headache Society, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the First Turkish/Pan-African Meeting of ‘Headache and Pain Management’ , to be held from May 4 – 8, 2015 in Istanbul.This educational meeting will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the diagnosis and management of headache and pain disorders, new developments in the science of headache medicine and the care of headache sufferers.

Through the meeting we will learn more about the current conditions in and requirements for headache in Africa. We aim to educate young leaders and increase skills for and knowledge about ‘headache and pain management’ to alleviate pain and increase quality of life of people with headache disorders throughout Africa.

A glimpse of the program will help the reader to realize that the meeting covers a wide range of important topics related to headache and pain medicine. The meeting will be in two parts. The first part will run on the web site and involve webinars . The second part of the meeting will bring together over a dozen world renowned headache and pain experts to teach and mentor the particularly the junior physicians from Africa and Turkey.  Teaching lectures, interactive sessions, case-based learning and practical interventional courses will take place at the second part of the meeting. Efforts will be made to have the participants take an active role in learning and teaching.

We affirm that the meeting will promote the cooperation and interactions among headache specialists from the IHS, various headache societies across African countries and Turkey.

We are proud to offer you best wishes from the International Headache Society and Gazi University and very much look forward to welcoming you in Istanbul.

Hayrunnisa Bolay  
Organizing Committee

Alan M Rapoport
Alan M Rapoport  
International Headache Society

Organizing Committee

Hayrunnisa Bolay
Alan M. Rapoport
Avni Babacan
Aynur Ozge
Suna Agıldere
Yohannes Woldeamanuel
Derya Uludüz